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Historical Information Collection

The main function of the information room is to reveal copper’s history, locations, affinities, mysteries, and how copper and its ore were used for other purposes.


The story of copper began when it was discovered, as it was used for tools, weapons, and pigments.  The broad use of copper has led to some of the world’s most amazing mysteries, many of which remain unsolved today.

Military Art Collection (Trench Art)

The main function of the military art collection is to reveal individual creativity by military men upon expended brass artillery shell casings and other materials.  While soldiers were in-between battles, many designs were thought of, and these works on brass were made as souvenirs and for loved ones.

Religious Room - Ceiling.jpg

Art & Architecture Collection
(with Religious Art & Architecture Room)

The main function of the art and architecture collection is to reveal human expression and the application of creative skill and imagination through the use of copper and its alloys.


Copper and its alloy, bronze, have been commonly used in art since the ancient Egyptians.  Copper has been used for molding work, bronze for statuary, and brass for casting.


Kitchenware Collection

Artifacts in this room consist of cookware that was used in open fires, fireplaces, wood or coal stoves, and gas or electric ranges.  Copper cookware has been used to make anything from jellies to lasagna and is always tin lined to protect from food discoloration and copper toxicity.  Copper is the preferred choice of chefs due to its ability to cook quickly, uniform heating capabilities, and lovely color.


Drinkware Collection

The main function of the drinkware collection is to reveal the vessels in which beer, wine, water, and other liquids were stored or served from.

Throughout history, copper was used as a storage vessel for many liquids, including serving of drinks.  Today, copper has been replaced by plastics and glassware in homes. However, copper water piping is still prevalent in many houses.

Distillery & Winery - Cognac Still.jpg

Distillery & Winery Collection

The main function of the distillery and winery room is to exhibit stills and the tools that are used for harvesting and the making of wine, beer, cognac, and other spirits.

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